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Peter Nardini - Music

"I love Peter Nardini's songs and the way he sings them. His stuff is laugh-out-loud funny, but also sweet and knowing without ever being saccharine or smug."

NEW ALBUM - 'Velvet Elvis' -now available. Buy the CD here(see below for all Peter's albums.)

'A Vandal's Scrawl' - now available. Buy the CD here. Also available on Amazon and iTunes.

'Sixtysix' is an album of songs in which Peter focuses his artist's eye and his songwriter's ear on his usual concerns - love, loss and longing set against the inevitable process of growing up and growing older.

On 'Hug', his fifth album, Peter is joined by a select group of musicians, led by producer Mike Katz, best known for his role as bagpiper and multi-instrumentalist with Scottish traditional music legends Battlefield Band.

Peter's first album released in 1982 was a collection of songs most of which were written for Radio Scotland’s satirical/topical series ‘Naked Radio’. The title track ‘A Think you’re Great’ was released as a single. Second album ‘Is There Anybody Out There?’, released in 1986, consisted of a selection of humerous, political and love songs. This album, originally in vinyl, was re-released in 2000 on CD. In 1993 the album ‘Screams and Kisses’ was released on the Eclectic Records label and although the songs have a folk base this album has more of a pop feel to it. The best known song from this album is ‘A Kiss From Wishaw Cross’.

Because of a debilitating condition in his strumming arm Peter’s public performances have been very rare over the past 15 years, although prior to this he was regularly seen and heard on TV and radio. Radio performances include Andy Kershaw, and TV ‘the Tube’. Click here to see video clips of some of these performances on 'youtube.com'.

Peter has performed in the Assembly Rooms, the Usher Hall, the Pavilion and the Queen’s Hall in Edinburgh as well as the City Halls, the Tron Theatre and Barrowland in Glasgow. Over the years he has performed with various well known performers including Loudon Wainwright, Billy Bragg, Paul Brady, Alan Price and Tom Robinson.

Peter has continued to write songs over the years and has adapted his playing style recently enabling him to perform again. The album ‘Rain Din’ was his first since ‘Screams and Kisses’ and is a selection of songs written and recorded over 2 years.

'A Vandal's Scrawl'
[A Vandal's Scrawl - CD]
£11.00 incl p&p
[Sixtysix - CD]
£11.00 incl p&p
[Hug - CD]
£11.00 incl p&p
'A Think You're Great'
[A Think You're Great]
Not available
'Is There Anybody Out There?'
[Is There Anybody Out There? - CD]
£11.00 incl p&p
'Screams and Kisses'
[Screams and Kisses]
£11.00 incl p&p
'Rain Din'
[Rain Din]
£11.00 incl p&p
'Velvet Elvis'
[Velvet Elvis]
£11.00 incl p&p